Exceeding Automotive OEM Coating specification without baking!!


Restore Alumimum composite panel with supreme durability

Nano-Clear Coating helps to restore the original color, gloss, surface hardness and UV resistance back into the old aluminum composite panel. Because of its 3D high density molecular structure and the convalent bond formed with the existing paint molecules, without baking, its performance exceeding high grade automotive OEM coating and is extremely durable and weather resistant.


Better than Auto OEM Coating and no baking is required

The specification of Nano-Clear Coatings exceed automotive OEM coating but no baking is required which means saving time and money.(Click Video)


Ideal for Yacht and Marine Application

Nano-Clear was developed to restore original color, gloss and surface hardness back into oxidized gel coat or oxidized epoxy paint surfaces. Nano-Clear reduces surface maintenance. Applications include boat hulls (above and below waterline), spinnaker sails and anodized aluminum.(Click Video)



Nano-Clear is scratch resistant and extremely solvent resistant. Any graffiti can be easily removed by common solvent from its surface. Moreover, anti-graffiti can be further enhanced by adding Nano-Clear NCFP Fluoropolymer additive. (Click Video)


Upgrade an ordinary paint to over baked paint system

By application Nano-Clear on any new paint, you have a surface hardness over baked paint. An ideal sealer for furniture refurbishment.

Nano-Clear Product Ranges


Nano-Clear NCI

Nano-Clear Coating for Industrial Applications was developed to restore original color, gloss, surface hardness and UV resistance back into oxidized painted surfaces including epoxy. Applications include oxidized trains, tank cars, shipping containers, buses, fleet vehicles, painted bridges structures, anodized aluminum, painted aluminum siding, municipality road signs...(Click brochure)


Nano-Clear NCF

Nano-Clear Coatings for Fleet Vehicles was developed to restore original color, gloss, surface hardness and UV resistance back into oxidized coatings, exterior and painted wheels. Nano-Clear Coatings exceed Automotive OEM specs. (Click brochure)


Nano-Clear NCIF Fluorinated

NCIF Fluorinated Nanocoating is designed to extend the surface life of newly painted or highly oxidized paint surfaces by 10+ years. Nano-Clear NCIF produces an anti-graffiti effect and provides ice repellency. (Click brochure)


Nano-Clear VV-300

Nano-Clear VV-300 Hard Coating VV-300 is a high gloss, multi-functional direct-to-PC polycarbonate and glass hard coating. Chemically bonds directly to polycarbonate, TPO, ABS plastics and glass. VV-300 provides remarkable scratch resistance, water, dirt, oil and ice repellency, chemical and solvent resistance and long-term UV / heat resistance. (Click brochure)

Nano-Clear Functional Materials

Nano-Clear® VV-200 Surface Treatment
Single component (1K) direct-to-substrate surface treatment & adhesion promoter. Nano-Clear VV-200 provides a covalent bond to properly prepared acid etched aluminum, stainless steel, TPO & ABS Plastics and glass. VV-200 provides corrosion, scratch and chemical resistance with reduced cleaning.

VV-200 as Surface Treatment / Coating
- can be used "alone" directly over steel and glass
-provides corrosion, scratch and chemical resistance

VV-200 as Adhesion Promoter
- Forms a molecular bridge with substrate

Nano-Clear NCIM Technical Data Sheet - view

Nano-Clear NCIM Functional Matting Additive
The admixing of NCIM Matting Additive into Nano-Clear NCI reduces NCI’s high specular gloss level to a desired “flatness” with no negative effect to its multifunctional properties. This “first-to-market” matting additive is based on Nanovere's multifunctional polymers and functional nanoparticles.

NCIM Functional Matting Additive
- Extreme scratch resistance: 7H pencil hardness
- Excellent corrosion, chemical and UV resistance
- Remarkable abrasion resistance
- Designed to be applied over CARC paints

Nano-Clear NCIM Technical Data Sheet - view

Nano-Clear NCA Functional Accelerator
Nano-Clear Accelerator (NCA) is a proprietary functional additive designed to accelerate the dust & tack-free times of Nano-Clear NCI during coating applications.

NCA Functional Accelerator
- Faster dry, tack and cure times for Nano-Clear NCI
- Increased hardness without affecting flexibility
- Easy incorporation into NCI prior to coating application

Nano-Clear NCA Technical Data Sheet - view

Nano-Clear NCFP Fluoropolymer Additive
NCFP is a proprietary, low surface energy, fluoropolymer additive. NCFP improves dirt, oil, water, ice & paint repellency when added to Nano-Clear NCI.

NCFP Fluoropolymer Functional Additive
- Repellency to water, ice, dirt, oil & algae
- Improved slip resistance when added to Nano-Clear NCI
- Produces and anti-graffiti / paint release effect

Nano-Clear NCFP Technical Data Sheet - view

Nano-Clear Ten Year Performance Warranty

Includes full replacement value of Nano-Clear® Coating products purchased upon failure to perform.

Nanovere Technologies, LLC. warrants to the original purchaser of its products that such products to be free of defects in material and manufacturing. Nanovere Technologies, LLC. does not warrant or guarantee the workmanship or labor performed by a person(s) or firm installing its products.

All warranties issued cover products applied by manufacturer’s technical data sheet instructions including (but not limited to) proper surface cleaning / surface preparation, application temperatures, coating thickness, dry times, cure times and recoat application times as applied on a suitable substrate and described in Nano-Clear® product data sheet.

This warranty does not cover the workmanship or labor for the application of any Nano-Clear product or any damage caused by the use of this product. These warranties are non-transferable and require original purchase receipts. Nanovere Technologies, LLC. shall in no event be liable for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages resulting from any reason whatsoever.


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